Street Maintenance

The streets within the gated neighborhoods of PPHOA (Peak, Reserve & Heights) are privately owned.  This means that the homeowners with in these neighborhoods are responsible for all maintenance on these streets.

PPHOA regularly consults with an asphalt/street contractor to inspect the streets. They recommend seal coating and spot repairs to help extend the longevity of the streets.  Complete resurfacing is extremely expensive and all three neighborhoods are currently saving towards this for the future.

Our contractor also notified us that several homes in the these neighborhoods have large oil leak spots on the street in from of their homes.  These leaks penetrate the asphalt and compromise it.  We request that you not leave leaking vehicles leaking oil on the streets and utilize an absorbent material (kitty litter or other) to try to soak up the oil left behind.

Also, if you have grass/weeds growing between the asphalt and sidewalk, it would be beneficial to spray and/or maintain.  Our landscape contractor will be out to help address these areas, but any assistance we can receive from homeowners would be great!

We ALL need to work together to help extend the life of our streets and minimize the costs.