Where do I find contact information for the PPHOA Board of Directors?

Click on the HOA Board of Directors Tab on our website for a complete listing of the Board of Directors and Officers, the neighborhood and committee they represent, and contact information.

Who is our Management Company and how do I contact them?

Diamond Association Management & Consulting is our Management Company. Their contact info is listed on website under management page.

How to I register for Diamond’s Homeowner Portal to be able to see up to date info on my account?

To register for the homeowner portal, you can send an email to our current manager and request a portal invite for Promontory Pointe. They will process the request and email you back with a registration link and information.  The portal allows a maximum of two users per property owned.

How do I find out more about the rules/regulations that I need to follow as a homeowner and resident of PPHOA?

This information is listed in the By Laws and Covenants of the Association. You should have received a complete copy when you purchased your home. You can also find a copy of these documents and a  quick and easy to read reference called the Promulgated Standards on our website, under the Resident Info/Documents & Forms Tab.

What do I need to do if I want to repaint my house?

Depending on what you are doing, you may need approval from the Architecture Control Committee (ACC). If you are repainting your house the same existing color, you do not need approval. If you are changing the existing paint colors of the house and/or door, you must receive approval from the ACC beforehand. Go to the Architecture Control Committee Tab or the Resident Documents / Info & Forms Tab to obtain the Homeowners Improvement Request Form.  A Home Exterior Paint Standard Guide is also available to help answer any questions you may have.

Where to do I send the Homeowners Improvement Request Form when completed?

This form is submitted to Diamond Association Management & Consulting. Follow the directions for submission on the top of the Homeowners Improvement Request Form.

What type of improvements do I need to submit approval for?

Almost all exterior improvements that change the existing look of your home, such as landscape, paint, doors, shutters, sheds, pools, and decks will need approval. More detailed information about what may need approval can be found in the Promulgated Standards – December 2009  and Homeowners Improvement From on the Resident Info / Documents & Forms Tab. If you are still not clear whether you need approval or not, reach out to our Property Manager or you Board Representative and they can assist you. Their contact information can be found on the HOA Board of Directors Tab.

If I need a temporary storage or POD, do I need approval?  If so, what is the process?

Sometimes temporary storage units or POD’s are needed to facilitate moving and or renovations.  All units must be approved.  Homeowners must send a request (can be done by email) to the current manager stating address, dates, how long the unit will be there, location it will be placed (preferably driveway), and any other info needed.  Once it has been approved, the manager will contact you back.  Most usages will be approved as long as they are not for an extended period of time and the unit is stored in a location that does not interfere with traffic flow and neighbors.

What Recreation Facilities are available to residents of PPHOA?

PPHOA Recreation facilities consist of the Pool and Pavilion, Basketball Court, and Playground. The Pool and Pavilion and Basketball Court require key card access and are located at Promontory Circle and Balmoral Place in The Pointe. The Playground, which consists of covered tables, two age appropriate play areas, sand volleyball, exercise stations and open play space is located on Promontory Circle and Bear Ridge. All Recreation spaces have posted hours of operation and rules.

When is the Pool open?

PPHOA Pool and Pavilion is open for use from Early March to Late October. The current Pool and Recreation schedule can be found in the current Pool and Recreation Rules on our website, under the Recreation Committee Tab and the Resident Info/Documents & Forms Tab.

What are the rules and regulations for the usage of the Pool?

Specific information, rules, and regulations regarding the usage of the Pool can be found in the Pool and Recreation Rules on our website under the Recreation Committee Tab and Resident Info/Documents & Forms Tab.

I lost my Recreation Key Card. How do I get another one?

Contact Diamond Association Management & Consulting for a replacement card. 

Where do I report a street light that is not working?

Contact CPS Energy, at 210-353-2222, and report the outage to one of their Customer Service Representatives. You will need the nearest street address where the light is located.

Who do I report animal control issues to?

Contact the City of San Antonio 311 Service by phone or through their 311 Online Service Request Page.

How do I report suspicious activity or other safety & security issues?

Call 207-SAPD, the SAPD non-emergency phone number.  If you believe you are witnessing a crime of feel you are in danger call 911.

When are annual assessments Due and how do I know how much to pay?

Assessment bills are sent by December 15th for the next year (example: December 15, 2015 for 2016 assessments).  The assessments are due January 1st and considered late if not received by January 31st. Our HOA does offer a split pay option for assessment payments.The split payment option allows homeowners to pay the first half of the total assessment by Jan 31st, and the second half plus interest by June 30th. Assessments are subject to late fees and interest after Jan 31st and collections procedures as described in our Delinquent Assessments Policy.

I have a question about my annual assessments. Who do I contact?

For any questions regarding your assessments, fees, bills, and payments, please contact  Diamond Association Management & Consulting. 210-561-0606. www.DAMCTX.com

I have a special event coming (garage sale, party, open house). What code can I give for entrance through the gates?

Contact Diamond Association Management & Consulting (210-561-0606) to request an event code.  This code will only be active during the event times you give.

I have a question about gate keypad usage, receiving/changing my gate code, getting a temporary gate code, or buying a gate remote.  Who do I contact about these questions?

Contact Diamond Association Management & Consulting (210-561-0606) for all services pertaining to vehicle gates.

Can the Pavilion be reserved/leased for a private party?

Homeowners can reserve the Pavilion by contacting Diamond Association Management & Consulting (210-561-0606). A lease agreement will need to need to be filled out and sent back along with the $75 deposit.  The Pavilion rental does not include the pool and/or allow a pool party and the pavilion usage can not interfere with the use of the pool by other residents. A complete list of rules/regulations pertaining to the Pavilion rental can be found in the Pool and Recreation Rules.

How do I get on the mailing list for PPHOA email newsletters and notices?

Please send your email and request to www.PromontoryHOACommunication@gmail.com. An archive of past email newsletters can also be viewed on the Email Newsletter Tab of our website.

How do I find out what is going on or coming up in our HOA?

Our website is the best place to go for current news, up coming events, homeowner forms, committee information, and Board and management contact information. Please look through the website, check out the events and news tab, calendar, and Twitter feed, and if you are still not able to get your question answered, reach out to your Board representative(s) and they will be more than happy to assist.

Does PPHOA have meetings, and if so, when?

The PPHOA holds it’s annual meeting once a year. It is usually held towards the end of October. All homeowners will receive information about the annual meeting in the mail and are invited and encouraged to attend.  The Board of Directors also holds quarterly meetings. The date, time and location of these meetings is posted on our website at least 72 hours in advance.

How do I run to serve on the PPHOA Board?

PPHOA Board elections are held each year at the annual meeting. There are a total of 9 homeowner volunteer representatives. Representation of the neighborhoods are: Pointe (3), Peak (2), Reserve (1), Heights (1), and At Large (2). Each elected member serves a staggered 3 year term. Prior to the annual meeting, a Call to Serve letter will be mailed to every homeowner that includes an application to run. Homeowners in attendance vote at the annual meeting or can submitted by proxy if unable to attend.  The resident with the most votes, for the position they are running for, is appointed to the Board.

What are the PPHOA Committees and how to do I serve on one?

Every homeowner is welcome and encouraged to serve on one of our 6 PPHOA Committees: Architecture Control Committee, Landscape Committee, Recreation Committee, Social Committee, Security Committee, and Communication Committee. For more information on the committee duties and to contact the appropriate Board liaison for more information, please visit our website and read through the Committees Tab and each of the Committees sub tabs.

I am new to the neighborhood and need a key and or box number for my mail, how do I get it?

The postal boxes throughout the neighborhoods are owned by the US Postal Service.  For information and/or service regarding these boxes such as your box location, number, and replacement keys, you will need to contact the US Postal Service directly through the branch location that services our area.  At this time, that is the Encino Park Branch.