Communications Committee

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Establish and operate an effective system to keep homeowners informed and up to date on HOA events, programs, and information.

Major Responsibilities Desired Results
Compile and publish the HOA Newsletter. Recruit new committee members.
Newsletters published and distributed to homeowners per Board guidance.
Manage, maintain and update the HOA email group and distribute information to homeowners via emails. Homeowners in the email group are provided with current and necessary data and information relating to neighborhood and HOA activities.
Develop processes and initiatives to keep homeowners informed and current on HOA activities. HOA members are informed and up to date on current HOA and neighborhood events and information.
Manage Board approved HOA committee budget. Expenditures will remain within budget, and any overage and/or adjustments will be presented to the Board for approval.
 Recruit new committee members. The Chair and members will actively recruit members throughout the year, as required to carry out committee responsibilities.