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Want to sign up for the PPHOA email notices and newsletters?  There’s two easy ways: 1. Email promontoryhoacommunication@gmail.com requesting to be added to the neighborhood list. Please include the neighborhood (Pointe, Peak, Reserve, or Heights) that you live in. 2. Click on one of the newsletter links below, click on “Subscribe” in the top left corner, and enter the requested info.

Links to the current years newsletters are posted below.  An archive of all of the email news blast sent in the last six months is available by clicking on one of the links below and then clicking on “Past Issues ” in the top left corner.

PPHOA Newsletter – June 2018 Reminders

PPHOA Newsletter – March 2018 Reminders

PPHOA Newsletter – January 2018 Reminders

PPHOA Newsletter – November & December 2017

PPHOA Newsletter – October 2017

PPHOA Newsletter – September 2017

PPHOA Newsletter – July 2017