Recreation Committee

Want more information on the Recreation Committee? Contact the Board liaison Jeff Clay at


HOA recreational facilities and amenities are developed, maintained and properly utilized for the enjoyment of HOA members and families.

Please review the link below for facility rules, waiver, and pool pavilion rental agreement: Pool and Recreation Rules and recreation waiver and Pool Pavilion Rental Agreement


Major Responsibilities Desired Results
Monitor and review pool contract, pool rules, operations and pool contractor performance. Recruit new committee members.
 Pool is properly maintained and operated to assure maximum enjoyment by homeowners and their families. Homeowners understand and abide by pool rules.
Assist HOA Property Manager in award of pool management and maintenance contract. Contractor providing the best value and service is selected.
Assure proper use of HOA recreation facilities. Reservation process is in place for pavilion, and homeowners enjoy use of facilities.
Oversee maintenance and use of the HOA playground, sportcourt and park. All equipment is clean, regularly maintained and ready for use by HOA members and their families.
Develop and implement strategies for improving, expanding and upgrading HOA recreational facilities and amenities. A Board approved, time phased, funded plan is implemented.
Manage HOA Board approved committee budget. Expenditures will remain within budget, and any overage / adjustments will be presented to the Board for approval.
Recruit new committee members. The Chair and members will actively recruit members throughout the year, as required to carry out committee responsibilities.