Landscaping Committee

Assure the HOA common areas are properly landscaped and maintained.

For more information on the PPHOA Xeriscaping Policy, click here.

Major Responsibilities                                                Desired Results
Monitor and review common area landscape contract, and contractor performance.  HOA common area landscapes are maintained in accordance with the requirements of the contract.
Assist HOA Property Manager in developing and updating landscape specifications. Specifications and requirements are thorough and current.
Assist the HOA Property Manager in developing a list of qualified bidders to solicit. Reputable, competent Landscape Companies with a proven performance record are considered.
Review landscape contract proposals and recommend a contractor to the Board of Directors. Contractor providing the best value and service is selected.
Recommend common area landscape improvements and upgrades to the Board of Directors. Promontory Pointe common areas are beautified and well maintained.
Plan and coordinate the neighborhood Christmas decorating project. Neighborhood entrances and appropriate common areas are decorated for the season.
Manage HOA Board approved committee budget. Expenditures will remain within budget, and any overage and/or adjustments will be presented to the Board for approval.
Recruit new committee members. The Chair and members will actively recruit members throughout the year, as required to carry out committee responsibilities.
Monitor and recommend yard of the month candidates. Selection of yard of the month.