Google Fiber Install

Residents of Promontory Pointe,

You may have noticed the construction along Knight’s Cross, Promontory Circle and other locations in and around our neighborhood. The contractors are installing Google fiber infrastructure as they have done in other parts of San Antonio.

Our HOA was not notified that this would be happening. Apparently, the city has given Google rights to install their infrastructure just as AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum or any other cable/voice provider. Any damage done to your property/landscaping should be handled as any company accessing the municipal right of way.

If your property has been damaged, you can call the Google Hotline to report it and ask for restoration.

The Google hotline number is: 877-454-6959.

You can also call City Councilman Courage’s office at 210-207-7803.


Jeff Clay
President, Promontory Pointe Board HOA of Directors

Playground Closed until Further Notice

The Promontory Pointe Playground will be closed until further notice to help prevent the possible spread of the coronavirus. We must all take actions to slow down the spread of this virus. The risks of many different people using the same facilities should be minimized at this time. The virus can live for several days on surfaces and we cannot screen users of these facilities. Please help keep all of our families safe during this time. Thanks for your patience.

SAWS Consultation

SAWS will provide interested home owners with a free one hour irrigation consultation.  A SAWS licensed irrigator will run your system.  They will tell you your actual usage water for each zone.  At the conclusion of the consult SAWS will suggest improvements and provide you with a Custom rebate to help defray cost if you choose to make changes.  The average saving for residents following recommendations is 2000 gallons a month.  For more information, go to